Organic pesticide free Food Dabbawala

Organic pesticide free Food Dabbawala

31 August, 2016

largest organic Food tiffin for health and patient

BidHome is first and oldest home service dabbawala tiffin service which supply organic food on demand. This services are offered in few major town of India like New Delhi, Mumbai, Indore, Nagpur, Patna, Mujjafarpur, Bihta, Barh, Khagaul Danapur, Gaya, Bhagalpur, Purnia, Banglore, Ranchi, Manglore, Pune, Mumbai. In comparison to, bidhome is providing quality service for three year. There are one twenty four mum working with different recipes. We have premium thali for premium customer. We are regularly working with Haldiram and Marwasi in respective to match the quality other tiffin

organic farming in Bihar, Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh

We are going to provide sustainable food direct to customer. Bidhome in collaborating with organic farm in various places and encouraging farmers for their smooth supply of food. Farmers are cheaply paid due to involvement of many merchandiser. A chain includes four to eight people to reach goods and services to customers. It excessively increase cost to customers. Otherwise, it also reduce margin to customers. The authentication and collaboration of bihome and farmanze can see. Organic seeds are prepared from pesticide free seeds and soil. However, you can use only organic and natural fertilizer.
organic. Instead of this, one of the Farmers of bihar grown highest amount of yielding organic rice farmer. We are aggregating and advising again to grow traditional spices and grains. These seeds have huge demand over India, USA, Europe,Asia

Foods for patients

Organic seeds and their name in hindi

Linseed (Tissi), Lettuce (Kasmi), It looks like cauliflower, Kohlarabi (salajam), Buckwheat (pani ka Singhara),
Amarnath (Ram Dana), parsley (ajwaene), Basil (special quality of tulsi), Cilantro (Dhaniya),Mizuza (sarso kala rai), Oats (jai), Fenugreek (Methi), Black eye Pea or cowpea( bakula), leeks (Sagga pyaj ), Endive, Red Cabbage, Sunflower, Carrot (gajar).

Therefore, you can trust the model to work and order with us. We are providing best quality of services for you

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