5 September, 2016

Home-Made method of compost and Recycling organic waste

Black soldier is more useful instead of red worm for urban compost. Our team have more than 10 years of experience of vermi-composting with Red earthworm. Recently we find the method of vermi-composting with BSF. Black Soldier Fly Larvae (BSFL) are utilized to great success in other parts of the world as a waste management tool, feed for livestock, vermi compost and in the production of biofuels. BSFL encompass an impressive combination of protein, lipid (fat), and nutrients (omega 3, omega 6, and calcium to name a few). This species exists in 80% of the world and is not considered to be a house or crop pest, disease carrier as the adult Black Soldier Flies prefer to hang out in trees and have no mouths.

Noteworthy, i found it most feasible for my urban farming project. It can grown to lawn and nearby home.

It is because
  1. The adult BSF doesn’t even have a working mouth. So, it cannot bite or eat . Neither, it is not attracted by food. Even so, the mated BSF does not land on food .

  2. Indeed, even if you live in a region with a BSF population, it’s entirely feasible that you have never noticed these insects before. since they have little interest in us.
  3. Indian climatic conditions are more likely to favorable to hatch out commercial scale of BSF eggs around the year. We are now working with Black Soldier Fly. It grow well between 22-48c.
  4. Soldier Fly can be used to convert large quantities of organic wastes (including fruit and vegetable residues, offal and manure), into high quality animal protein. then, it can then be fed directly to chickens and fish.
  5. This remarkable creature is genetically programmed to harvest itself. When it reaches maturity, it will climb out of its food source, crawl up a ramp (cleaning itself as it goes) and drop into a container ready for collection.
  6. Soldier Fly larvae are dry to the touch and have no odour.
  7. They don’t behave like the irritating flies that afflict humans, Soldier flies actually reduce housefly numbers by 95%–100% by denying the flies access to food.
  8. Unlike worms, however, they can tolerate very hot conditions.

Urban Housewife entrepreneur start-up

when you process a fish, chicken, vegetable food, about half of the live weight is going to comprise skin, feathers, scales or other inedible waste. hence,it will require disposal. Soldier Fly larvae will convert this waste to live protein. Leaving you home waste with compost that has an earthy odour and the texture of ground coffee.
These top ten website to help your idea in working independently.
home made walden
. Consequently you can make your home made box in your home wrap.
vermi compost box

Now you can sell their compost either to us or in your locality for gardening and feeding birds. we finally process for advised feeds and compost. Home entrepreneur, housewife can charge neighbor for collection of waste and grow it near home fearlessly. This is best source of collecting agri-protein from food. We will provide required training and support anywhere in India. Even if you hate housefly like me. You must enjoy culturing and earning with BSF. We may be soon start our project training center near Delhi, faridabad, allahabad, patna, ranchi, Jamshedpur, Indore, Jabalpur.

Red Earthworm Compost Price Rs 50 Per Kg BSF larvae/compost Price vary from place
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