Elder/ kids care

Elder/ kids care

Kids Teaching and Caring: Hire trustworthy

Caregivers,Baby/ kids teaching sitting, elder care

with confidence.

care Mum, Because Mum has cared us

Every Mother is best caring person in this world. They love to  help and make warm impression. Through connecting and adding mum , we also provide caring services to elder and kids for our loyal customers.

Elder care: We have seen elder care services provided in many places neither hygienic not affordable. Nowadays, tendency of nuclear family, rush in life make survival for elder people a daunting task.

Child care: we provide baby sitting services in family and home environment. Above all, Many mum and housewife have time and enjoy caring services.
Most mother work for it not for big money incentives. Whereas,They love to serve people.

  • Benefit of caring with our Mum
      Good caring environment with unprofessional treatment.
      Children and kids fills safe and enjoying through reading and entertaining with women in compare to a man.
      Mother donot get irritated while treating with hospitality
      They like to share life experience and pain more in compare to man
      Yet, above all there is a few percent even less than 4 of mum used for hospitality. However, They donot allowed due to security issue
      Our mother can serve you from working for herself only at their home
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    Elder/ kids care